In Memory of William O. Milton Art Collection

William O. Milton was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1925. He passed away in Jacksonville, Florida on 11-11-2012. By the time he was 14 years old, he was painting watercolors to make money for art supplies.

As early as 1945, his work was shown on the lawn of the Capitol building in Washington, DC. In early 1960, he became inspired by the work of Ralph Cowan in Miami, FL. He made several trips to Miami to study his work. At the time, Ralph was painting a life size portrait of Johnny Mathis for the cover of his album “Heavenly”. Some years later, Princess Grace of Monaco commissioned him to paint the Royal Family. Mr. Milton was fortunate enough to learn a lot from Mr. Cowan.

William has done shows in Atlanta, GA, Washington D.C., Canada, Palm City, FL., Nashville, TN., and especially Jacksonville, FL.

Currently, he has his Art Gallery in Jacksonville, FL. He has been painting in this area for many years.

During that period of time, he shared a studio with Mr. Jay Harder, Jacksonville’s leading portrait artist. Mr. Harder taught at Jacksonville University and critiqued Mr. Milton’s work for about ten years.

Photograph circa 2000

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