In Memory of Chuck "Junior" Gurley
January 21,1947 - August 4,2013

The car is a 1979 camaro with a 406 small block engine which
runs on alcohol we race mainly in Sikeston Missouri Every Saturday but we
have raced in Benton Illinois, Benton Missouri, Chandler Indiana, Gleason
Tennessee, Granite City but our main track is Sikeston. We go with a group
of guys that have their own race car plus we have met a bunch of really nice
people that we keep in touch with after racing is over.

Chuck Was Proud To Be American

I-57 Drag Strip Benton Illinois

Sikeston Drag Strip Pit Area

Chuck's sister in-law Janice & Niece Ashley.

Chuck's Nephew Justin left, brother in-law John right,friends Carolyn & Brad all crowding around between races. Chuck's in the background.

Chuck's son Matthew

Chuck at Starting Line

Chuck Clay,his wife Carolyn and Chuck.

Chuck and his friend Chuck Clay.

Chuck Clay being lined up by his wife Carolyn to race Darrell Woolard.

Chuck Clay's Burnout.

Chuck Clay and Chuck Gurley...did you know our wife's first names are the same - Carolyn!

Chuck Warming up his tires.

Dave Slayden and Chuck warming up their tires before race.

Dave Slayden left lane.

Racing Robbie Ruser - Chuck finished lst

Free Bros. Racing

Robbie Ruser

Gary Ward

Larry Layten

David Leonard in Right Lane... he was lst in points this year 2006 ...Joey Mitchell is in Left Lane

Vancil Racing

Bill Hooker

Bill Hooker's new ride.

Donnie Drew in Right Lane...Mark Tesson in Left Lane....These two guys were chasing Chuck's car in points all season in 2006...

Chuck Really liked this Vet.

Rick James and Chuck.

Danny, Brad Jones and Chuck.

Chuck in pit area waiting for next race.

Chuck's home away from home.

Chuck and his soulmate Carol.


Chuck's Car In the garage.