EMDSO's Mission Statement

Purposes and Objectives of the Eastern Missouri Dark Sky Observers:

1) To promote and interest in the science and hobby of astronomy by providing a forum for like-minded
people to interact and learn from each other and to share our expertise with those who would benifit from it.

2) To provide an interface between ourselves and the educational community, providing observing and lecture
programs for school age children, with "hands on" teaching by demonstration and example.

3)To provide an interesting environment for the education of the General Public in the science
of astronomy and related environmental and space sciences.

4) To build, equip, and staff: TWO astronomical observatories; one on the East Central College (ECC) campus,
the other on private land under "dark sky"conditions for undergraduate research by college level Astronomy/Physics
students and EMDSO members.-- A planetarium in or near the Washington-Union area,open
for the general public, for daytime and cloudy weather programs on astronomy.

5) To provide classes on the subjects of observational astronomy, teaching a familiarition with the night sky,
and the use of star charts and telescopes; Telescope making and Astrophotography for anyone who is interested.

6) To build a few portable "loaner instruments" built by the club members, for club members who don't
have instruments of their own, and made available to them for use.

7) To offer public observing sessions "FREE-OF-CHARGE" on a quarterly basis throughout
the East Central Missouri region that we serve.

8)To provide weekly public observing nights at the observatory(s), staffed by members of the EMDSO,
to operate telescopes and answer visitors questions about objects being viewed and the instruments being used.

9)To offer consumer information and advice free of charge, to those interested in the purchase
of fabrication of a telescope for personal use.

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