Outdoor ATV Activities

This is the staging area at St. Joe State Park, where everyone sets up for riding.

There are women who ride that are pretty darn good!

This is some guy playing in the mud. His buddy is trying to figure out how to help without getting in the mud. I was taking the photo so, I couldn't help. Everyone was standing around laughing. The guy slipped several times before getting out of the mess.

Here he is taking a bow for me afterwards. His name is Paul, but his riding buddies call him mud dobber !

This is my niece Angela with Paul taking his bath in the background. Angela likes to get wet, but she’s not much into the mud thing. She loves riding.


From left to right are Angela, Justin and John my brother. They're trying to splash one another.

Justin is waiting for me to pull him out with our tow rope. I thought this would be a good opportunity for a snapshot! This happens a lot during a days ride if you enjoy mud. He didn't want his picture taken here.

Justin decided it was hot enough on this day to get wet and muddy.

More mud and fun in the trench.

Justin is fixing to get really muddy.

Justin spinning in mud hole here, never got stuck.

Justin really needs a bath now! I think he's been hanging with Paul to much.

Justin taking a high speed turn. We both like doing this. I prefer doing this turn on the quad rather than the 3 wheeler.

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