My newfound family is my dearest part,
An expression of joy from my inner heart,
They test my patience and wear me down,
I miss them so when they are not around,
Each one is different, a variety of wonder,
Like comparing still water to crushing thunder,
My desires for their mother have no limitations,
I cherish her presence wanting better for her than my deviations.
I wish us all happiness, an appreciation for living,
Considering a humility of compassion for giving,
Her children's presence give me hope, a light to see,
Once again, to experience the treasures of life as they can only be,
Through these children's eyes, I shall see,
All things that come long after me....My reward will be to see,
These children grow into adults with their mother proud beside me.

...excerpted from the poem, "Treasures Of Life" by S.E.Rice

Ashley is 12, she loves listening to music. She is really into the rock group called the Backstreet Boys.

Justin is 15 here, he loves to go fishing, play basketball, he is into video games. He loves the internet and is currently working on his own web page.

This picture was at Six-Flags. We really had a great time.

This picture was at Adventure Island Water Park in Florida. We really had a great time. Janice was still reflecting the sun.

Here is everyone all dressed up. Ashley is 9 and Justin is 11. We even got Justin in a suit.

Jan and I heading out for a ride. The temperature was in the mid 60's.

Jan enjoying some rays at St.Pete beach Florida .

Ashley and Justin enjoying the surf at St.Pete beach Florida .

Ashley digging for some sea animal that digs faster than her.

Ashley and Justin enjoying the sand with mom.

Jan and I talked Ashley into taking this picture at Fort Desoto beach Florida.

Jan and Ashley walking at Fort Desoto beach looking for shells.

Jan and Ashley's first time ever seeing the ocean. This is Daytona Beach Florida, Jan was trying to keep from getting her feet wet.

Janice, Ashley and Justin at Daytona Beach. Janice finally gave up on trying to keep her feet dry.

This is the boat that took us Parasailing.

Ashley,Justin and I Parasailing. Janice was on the boat where she felt safer.

This is the view we had while we were up.

They dipped us into the bay just as they were bringing us in.

Jan and the kids at rest area. The bridge in the background is the Sunshine Skyway bridge, it is seven miles long across the bay. We drove across it.

Janice and I at rest area.

Janice and I at rest area.

This is everyone in Orlando at Seaworld.

This is us on a dolphin cruise boat in Destin Florida. It was a wild ride and we saw several dolphins.

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