Lisa was 19 here. The brain child in the family. She earned a scholarship, and currently is studying for her Electrical Engineering Degree. I'm still trying to figure where she gets her smarts. Must be from her mother!

Justin was 16 here, he maintains a respectable B average in school, but would rather spend his time playing sports than studying. I guess he takes after me!

This is me and my team when Justin was only 12. Justin is in the first row on far left next to me. I managed these same boys five years, and loved working with them. Justin and two other boys I managed are playing on High School teams now.

Justin was 16 here still in highschool. He played baseball for his school. He was in 10th grade and was pitching Varsity. I am proud of him as his father, but he really was good! He is an all around sports jock, but he enjoyed and found that he was well suited to play baseball.

This was Lisa in 12th grade and two of her teamates on the Highschool Swim Team. It was a lot of hard work to be on the swim team, but she stuck with it and was very good. She was good enough to become a lifeguard in the summer months to earn some extra spending money. She also gave swimming lessons to smaller children.

This is Lisa with a devious smile coming from the kitchen. Probably just finished raiding the refrigerator.

My favorite baseball picture of them when they were small. They were both 8 years old in these photos.

Justin behaving him self on a golf kart for the moment. He and I were running around on it later in the day as if it was an ATV. We had a blast that day!

Justin behaving him self and actually trying to play golf. We had a good time playing and Justin seemed to really like the game. I myself would rather just go to the driving range and see how far I could hit the ball.

Justin loved playing indoor soccer in the winter.

Having fun with them at the zoo.

My favorite picture of them when they were small. They were both 3 years old in these photos.

This was Justin when he was barely 3 months old. I remember that they had to prop him up to get this photo, because he kept falling forward.

This was Lisa holding herself up on the coffee table, just learning to walk.

My kids are great....they are both individuals with their own minds and ways of doing things.....I love them both very much.... Here is a picture of them when younger. Lisa is 3yrs and Justin only 6 months.

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