We had an amazing honeymoon. We enjoyed our time together very much. The time went fast, we didn't want to come home.

This is us leaving the ship to begin our day in the Bahamas.

Janice took this picture of me diving around the reef. The water was crystal clear. I dove as deep as 30 feet. We were both snorkeling here; I couldn't get Janice to dive.

These fish were everywhere. They didn't seem to mind people at all.

This is us wading in the Famous Blue Lagoon, Where Brooke Shields filmed the movie Blue Lagoon. The water was crystal clear and like bath water,88 degrees. The beaches were pure white.

Here we are lazing in the shade under the palm trees, it was about 92 degrees in September. The Atlantic Ocean is behind us and the Blue Lagoon in front of us. We gave up trying to get Janice a tan. We actually fell asleep for 30 or so minutes in this hammock. The whole island is loaded with hammocks, so everyone had their chance to give them a try.
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