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Life is too short and is not always fair, but I make it a point to enjoy it and make the best use of each day. I consider myself intelligent and honest. Although I am a Leo,my friends consider me outgoing, responsible, and user friendly. My internal clock tells me I am an evening person, which is perfect for astronomy. I adapt well to normal hours of the day if I want or need to do something in a regular hour of the day. I have had a steady job for the last 22 years with the same company and enjoy the work. My main hobbies are Astronomy and Riding off road Quads in the state parks. I pretty much enjoy any outdoor activities.

My personal status in the old and new SETI@Home project

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Jason Ware


Eastern Missouri Deep Sky Observers Astronomy Club

Phantom's Prose and Idea Shop

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Celestron Meade Orion

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