Janice is a terrific lady with two lovely children. Since our first meeting, Janice and her children have become a large part of my life and thus created in me, a new direction to expand and grow. I enjoy her and the children very much.... Janice is not only my Wife, but my,Friend,Companion and Confidante'....


Her touch, her look, her very feel,
Kindle my passionsí ground,
As my normal limits abound,
Her kisses are so very real,
I canít help myself to kneel,
In her wondrous spirit sound,
Immersed, I soon drown,
An admiration, I cannot conceal.
With fiery auburn hair so bright,
Alive with a morning scent,
Ablaze in the dawn of light,
Instill intensity without relent,
My dreams, so filled with her sight,
A clear destiny of what is meant.

dedicated to Janice and AL

S.E. Rice - 1999

Janice at age eleven.

Janice at age fourteen.

Janice at age eighteen. This is her senior school picture.

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