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There Just isn't a lot going on during the daytime at a Star Party. Most are still sleeping past noon if there was good observing that evening. These pictures to follow were all taken at the Texas Star Party on the Prude Ranch.

This is what the observing field usually looks like during the day. There is some activity around scopes being used for Solar observing, or if someone needs to make some adjustments to their equipment. Most people leave their equipment covered to keep the dust off it.

I have known Todd since the 1991 TSP. We have been staying in touch ever since. Todd is into astrophotography, but not to the extent that I am. He is into observing and sketching the objects he finds. He does really nice work.

I don't remember this guys name, but I do remember that he was with the Huston Club. He was showing his scope that he built himself.

Todd and friends lounging around killing time until evening. The guy with the soda held up is Todd's father Mike. Todd and Mike come to TSP every year.

These two are good friends that I have known for a number years. Bob is on the left. He is one of those guys thats hard not to like. He is retired and really enjoying life. He is into about everything relating to astronomy. He builds most of his equipment. He has recently in the last year or so finished building his observatory, which houses his home brew CCD equipment. I met Tom at a club Star Party more than 10 years ago. He used to work for the same company as I do. We used to observe on Sundays when everyone was in bed getting ready for work on Monday. We don't have many opportunities for that anymore. Tom is also one of those handy guys. He also recently finished building his CCD camera. He is in the early stages of learning how to use is. Almost forgot to mention the scope Bob is holding onto he built from scratch. It has excellent optics!

From left are Ron, Bill and I. Where staying in the shade. Look closely and you'll see that Bill isn't dead. He's just lying here chilling out.

These are some of my astronomy friends hanging around in front of my tent. I'm the guy in the fancy white socks. This photo was taken at TSP 95.

This is from left to right me, Ron, and Tom hanging around the bunkhouse. The guy in the window is Mike snaping the photo he's from the Huston Club.

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