Star Party Space

From left are Rich, Tom and me. We're catching some rays.

Skipping the guy in the striped shirt. I don't know who he is. From the left Craig, Franscico, Jim, Ron and Bill. Craig, Franscico, & Jim are all Professional Astronomers from the McDonald Observatory. They were hanging with us discussing Ron's handy woodwork on his scope. Everyone was preparing for the clear night which was ahead. Ron is a great guy I meet a few years ago at TSP. He had some of my astrophotos displayed on his web page for awhile. He hates to have his picture taken. Bill and I have shared a ride to Texas at least 3 times. Bill is one of those casual guys just there for the social fun. He's a great guy.

Ron what are you doing getting your picture taken three times in the same day???????????

Dewy and I looking over plans to build a film hypering kit that he built. I brought the plans home and Tom and I built it together. We are still using it.

Scope on the north field getting ready for another clear evening.

More scopes uncovering and preparing for the evening.

This is a photo taken from the McDonald Observatory which houses a 107 inch reflector. Looking across to the newest telescope on the hill is the Hobby-Eberly Telescope . It was completed in 1997. It is a 437 inch reflector made up of 91 seperate 1 Meter Mirrors. Both of these Telescopes are just minutes from the Prude Ranch.

This is a photo taken from the McDonald Observatory looking south. The tour guides say on an extremely clear day that you can see all the way into Mexico.

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