This is my oldest son he was the usher.

This is a beautiful church,its 125 years old.

Best man Tom and Maid of honor Sherry.

Mom And kids walking up to the alter.

This is Sherry witnessing our marriage.

Tom witnessing our marriage.

The Pastor making it official.

Its to late now, look at the smile on her face.

Looks like I finally tied the knot or got tied into a knot or something like that....YOU KNOW I LUV YA HONEY!!!..... I enjoy my time with Janice very much....She's my baby.

Pastor Gaunt,and us after service.

Janice,me,Ashley and Justin after service.

Janice and me,with all our kids after service.

Janice, me, Sherry and Tom..

Cake time!!!.

Cutting the cake.

Janice stuffing me with cake.

Me stuffing Janice with cake.

Tom making a toast for Jan and I.

Janice and me, the first dance.

Friends Max and Jennifer.

Tom's daughter Jennifer and her friend.

Friends Hap & Nancy, My old supervisor George and his wife Teri & son Tucker.

Friends Jean,Lois and Jack.

Friends Dave,his wife Ellan and their son. Friends Cindy,Sue and Rich.

My brother John.

Janice and I dancing again.

Go HERE and see limo wedding day ride.

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