This is my friend AL, who happens to be our Driver.

Driver and I posing for the first picture of many. We never got off the street before the limo was hit by a neighbor. The damage was minor to one of the doors.

My brother in-law giving the first statement about the accident.

My stepson giving his statement.

No they don't have me in cuffs. The officers agreed to have their photo taken, only if I put the beer behind me. I was last one to give a statement.

This is Karen, Janice's friend. The door she is sitting next to is the one that was hit.

Tom and his wife Jean in the back. We are finally going for the ride. I have no idea why Jean is holding flowers, Tom's funeral service??

Janice and me posing.

This is the mirror on the ceiling of limo.

Cruising past my mom's house.

Janice and I.

Cruising past my brother's house.

Quick stop at my work!!! The guy in gray T-shirt, is my friend Steve he had to work, so we stopped by on our way to the riverfront.

Janice and her friends Karen and Sherry acting crazy after relieving their bladders.

Janice and I on Arch steps enjoying a kiss.

Enjoying the Twilight view of the river.

Everyone making a toast for Jan and I.

My sister Shirley waiting next to limo for us.

This horse drawn carrige, was one of several in the area.

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